What can parental controls app do?

The simple and short answer is – Parental controls can do wonders for kid’s digital safety. Trustworthy parental control apps, in the age of digital technology, makes modern parenting comfortable and revolutionary.

Considering how useful parental control apps are, most parents make the silly mistake of selecting an app without any knowledge of features to look into a parental control app.

There are two aspects of parental control apps that parents need to grasp- the purpose of the app and the correct set of features.

Why do parents need Parental Control Apps on Mobile devices?

The sole purpose of using parental control app is digital safety.

Cyberspace is occupied with online criminals in anticipation of easy targets where kids turn out to be the most vulnerable of all.

Often, young children face online harassment for money or a sexual relationship. Cyberbullying is another human-made online disaster that abuses young kids.

Kids safety is a two-way process; cybercriminals are significant contributors to online dangers lurking on kids but often children invite trouble for themselves by indulging in explicit and unsuitable contents.

The innocent and curious minds of little ones wander into areas which are unfit for their age group yet peer pressure and snooping nature of kids drag them into the hands of cybercriminals.

So, what can parental control apps do to help kids’?

In the beginning, we claimed parental control apps could do wonders; however, now we want to introduce you to practical solutions that distinguish parental control apps from the in-built controls on several platforms.

Here are the primary reasons why every parent should invest in parental control apps:

  1. Track my kids– The GPS enabled tracking mechanism of parental control apps is effective. Immediate notifications are sent to parents when kids are in danger by pressing the SOS buttons. Another unusual feature which comes in very handy is Geofencing- get notified when your kid enters or exits a virtual boundary defined by you.
  2. Block inappropriate contents– App blockers and kiosk modes in parental control software restrict kids from inappropriate apps. When addictive games and apps are disabled, kids automatically start devoting more time towards productive content.
  3. Lock downloading– Some apps disable the play store and do not allow access to install any new apps.
  4. Control calls – In case you are suspicious of your kids’ callers, block incoming and outgoing calls which include known and unknown callers.
  5. Safeguard from thieves– If your app comprises of anti-theft capabilities, then you can locate, ring the cell phone and factory reset the child device. Isn’t that cool?
  6. Manage screen time– Observe your kids’ fascination towards apps and how much time they spend. Based on your observation, cut down screen time using the app and free their time for essential tasks like academics and sports.
  7. Avoid road accidents– Over speeding at an age when the hormones are at a peak is unsafe and too risky. Few apps send alerts when the kid crosses a specific speed limit.

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Which is the best parental control app?

We made your task of evaluation easier with the Features to Look into A Parental Control App (mentioned above). However, the Bit Guardian Parental control app is the most suitable and complete package which offers full and straightforward features for kids’ safety.

So, stop wasting your precious time on contemplation, and purchase the Bit Guardian parental control app for your kids’ safety.

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