What can Parental Controls App Do For Secure Child ?

What can parental controls app do?

The simple and short answer is – Parental controls can do wonders for kid’s digital safety. Trustworthy parental control apps, in the age of digital technology, makes modern parenting comfortable and revolutionary.

Considering how useful parental control apps are, most parents make the silly mistake of selecting an app without any knowledge of features to look into a parental control app.

There are two aspects of parental control apps that parents need to grasp- the purpose of the app and the correct set of features.

Why do parents need Parental Control Apps on Mobile devices?

The sole purpose of using parental control app is digital safety.

Cyberspace is occupied with online criminals in anticipation of easy targets where kids turn out to be the most vulnerable of all.

Often, young children face online harassment for money or a sexual relationship. Cyberbullying is another human-made online disaster that abuses young kids.

Kids safety is a two-way process; cybercriminals are significant contributors to online dangers lurking on kids but often children invite trouble for themselves by indulging in explicit and unsuitable contents.

The innocent and curious minds of little ones wander into areas which are unfit for their age group yet peer pressure and snooping nature of kids drag them into the hands of cybercriminals.

So, what can parental control apps do to help kids’?

In the beginning, we claimed parental control apps could do wonders; however, now we want to introduce you to practical solutions that distinguish parental control apps from the in-built controls on several platforms.

Here are the primary reasons why every parent should invest in parental control apps:

  1. Track my kids– The GPS enabled tracking mechanism of parental control apps is effective. Immediate notifications are sent to parents when kids are in danger by pressing the SOS buttons. Another unusual feature which comes in very handy is Geofencing- get notified when your kid enters or exits a virtual boundary defined by you.
  2. Block inappropriate contents– App blockers and kiosk modes in parental control software restrict kids from inappropriate apps. When addictive games and apps are disabled, kids automatically start devoting more time towards productive content.
  3. Lock downloading– Some apps disable the play store and do not allow access to install any new apps.
  4. Control calls – In case you are suspicious of your kids’ callers, block incoming and outgoing calls which include known and unknown callers.
  5. Safeguard from thieves– If your app comprises of anti-theft capabilities, then you can locate, ring the cell phone and factory reset the child device. Isn’t that cool?
  6. Manage screen time– Observe your kids’ fascination towards apps and how much time they spend. Based on your observation, cut down screen time using the app and free their time for essential tasks like academics and sports.
  7. Avoid road accidents– Over speeding at an age when the hormones are at a peak is unsafe and too risky. Few apps send alerts when the kid crosses a specific speed limit.

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Which is the best parental control app?

We made your task of evaluation easier with the Features to Look into A Parental Control App (mentioned above). However, the Bit Guardian Parental control app is the most suitable and complete package which offers full and straightforward features for kids’ safety.

So, stop wasting your precious time on contemplation, and purchase the Bit Guardian parental control app for your kids’ safety.

How can Parental Control Apps Reduce the Struggle of Parents?

Fortunately, or unfortunately, kids love their gadgets!

In the era, where the internet is no more a novelty but necessity, kids rely on the web for all their day-to-day tasks. The combination of gadgets and the internet may seem like a great technological boon, but the same is a massive struggle for parents like cyber-bullying, Digital Kidnapping, Social harassment and many more.

Let’s find out ways to cope with the struggle of kids’ gadget addiction.

Why Is Parental Control Important?

Reasons to use Parental Controls Apps

Play along with us.

Imagine entering the house to find your kid chatting on Facebook messenger with complete strangers they had met online.

Oh, wait, the worst part is yet to come! They have a school test due tomorrow which has been entirely sidetracked, thanks to the entertaining chit-chatting.

Shocking? Or, Upsetting?

Perhaps, you may have been in the shoes of such parents and are eagerly find solutions to get out of such annoying scenes.

Well, parental controls are exactly what parents need in this digital age.

Digital exposure per see is not harmful, but over-engagement with media sources and inappropriate content is definitely alarming.

Reportedly, screen time exposure causes academic deterioration but is also a critical reason behind health and psychological troubles. Experts are worried that prolonged use of screen can have unexpected outcomes on kids.

Parental control software is growing in demand due to the adverse situation created by mobile phones and other gadgets. More and more parents are enforcing the controls to combat gadget addiction and at the same time secure kids of online crimes.

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Which Features Are Necessary for A Parental Control App?

Every parental control app is unique and offers a set of features which are suitable for different types of situations.

However, looking at the current scenario of mobile phone usage and applications, all apps should cater to the following best-practiced features for expected results:

  1. App Blocker– Discourage unsuitable apps like Tinder on your kids’ phone by blocking them instantly with the help of an efficient app blocker.
  2. Time Schedule– Limit screen time on kid’s phone by setting curfew hours during bedtime or study time or whenever required.
  3. App Install Blocker – Strike the hammer at the right place by blocking access to the app store of your kid’s device. Kids will be unable to install any new apps.
  4. Panic Alert– Help your kid at the right time and reach the right place by the panic alert. Your child only needs to hit a button to get a parent’s attention.
  5. GPS Finder– Monitor your kid’s whereabouts easily and quickly by GPS enabled location finder. To add the cherry on the cake, leverage GPS technology in marking safe zones for your kids, and track over speeding habits.
  6. Call Blocker– Do not let another caller harass your kid. Block all suspicious callers and friends, on your kid’s contact list, without any technical hassle.
  7. Anti-Theft tool- Your kid’s private data is private even after the device gets stolen. Using Anti-theft tools, remotely factory reset the private data and locate the device instantly.

Best Parental Control Apps for Android Cell Phones- Bit Guardian

The best parental control software may not have everything you desired but should have the above-mentioned critical features in the basket.

It is wise to invest in an app that offers all the core parental controls along with additional fancy features. However, Bit Guardian Parental Control is one such app that offers all the core features and combats mobile addiction effortlessly.

Considering how easy it is to operate the app, Bit Guardian Parental Control should be your top choice.


Manage your Child’s Screen Time With Parental Control App

Best parental control apps are the key to your kid’s positive upbringing. The apps take care of the distractions while you take care of your kids’ enthusiasm in a productive direction. Want to know how?

How Can I Reduce My Kid’s Screen Time?

Honestly, there are several ways to reduce screen time or Spend Less Time on Their Phone. But we believe in using methods which have long-term effects and permanent outcomes.

So, here is a list of ways you can reduce your child’s screen time:

ways you can reduce your child's screen time

  1. Involvement in household chores– Simple work like cleaning, mopping, washing, cooking, etc. Involve your kids in such activities. This not only helps them in household chores but at the same time encourages problem-solving skills and techniques.
  2. Be a part of a volunteer program or community service– Volunteering is the best way to engage kids. It diverts them from online activities and helps them in learning valuable skills of compassion and care giving.

Some experts also suggest – Parents should accompany kids for such volunteering services.

  1. Indulge in a hobby – If kids are not exposed to different co-curricular activities, it is hard for them to identify what they like. As parents, your job is to push your kids towards new opportunities like sports or art.

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Talk to them about their likes and dislikes. You may be astonished to know your kid loves watching soccer but never got a chance to play. Encourage your kid towards activities they enjoy and rest assured mobile addiction will surely come down.

  1. Media time is family time– Whenever your kid wishes to watch a movie or a video on YouTube, offer them to sit with the family. Even with games, participate with them and ask them to add you in multi-player modes.

Make their online activities family activities to reduce inappropriate content (as they will be under parental supervision)

  1. Encourage social gatherings and friend outings– Instead of spending precious hours on social media networking apps, parents are advised to encourage kids to spend time with friends and host parties at home. Possibility of spending time with family or friends should increase instead of being on social media.

So, help your kids in finding opportunities with real friends, which will ensure less urge to speak to strangers.

  1.    Practice Yoga and Mindfulness- This one may sound tricky because kids do not understand the reasoning behind these ancient practices.

Yoga or mindfulness, teaches you to be in the present moment, imparts positivism and expand perspective about life. Yoga has a dual effect – it transforms the spiritual side and recharges the physical body. Yoga manifests a rejuvenated body and soul to make you work harder and wiser. Children can benefit from yoga by enhancing their energy level.

  1.  Learn Home Science Skills – Kids can always encourage to learn skills of home science, especially cooking. This does not affect their academics but makes them more able and independent to live a quality life. Once they grow as adults, they will remember these skills and benefit from them when parents are not around.

How can parental control app reduce screen time?

Parental controls are the best way to restrict screen time.

If your kids are on the smartphone or tablet all day, it’s best to cut down the time to 1-2 hours per day.  To do this, you will need an efficient parental control app for screen time.

The app will help in reducing screen time by setting a period within which your kids will not be able to access the cell phone. This curfew hour will allow kids to work on other activities and hobbies or find an alternate source of entertainment.

So, stop thinking and start managing your child’s screen time with the best parental control app.


Reasons to use Parental Controls Apps

The new breed of kids trusts technology more than their instincts. Kids are severely dependent on gadgets for day-to-day tasks, even navigating to the next street requires Google Maps now!

However, challenging this situation looks; we need to accept that digital gadgets are a central part of kids’ life. If you cannot separate technology from kids, then what’s the alternative?

The reason why you need parental control software is very evident; it reduces the growing addiction to smartphones, at the same time, keeps kids secure. These applications are the most significant aid to modern parenting and help in easing your tension and also parents needs to know that the Parental Control App is Inefficient or not?

Before we introduce you to a suitable parental control app, let us understand the top reasons why these apps are a necessity nowadays.

Top 5 Reasons Why Parents Need to Use Parental Controls

Undoubtedly, every parent loves their child dearly but to instill discipline in your child, one needs the best available parental control in the market. But how does parental control exactly help?

Here is a list of reasons why parental control apps are growing popularity:

  1.    Time Management

How often do you nag your kids to come for dinner? Or to study? Even for bedtime? Too many times, right? Don’t worry. You are not alone!

Plenty of parents like you are suffering from kid’s poor time management skills. Besides being late for all activities, kids are disobedient towards any instruction.

Gadgets and media exposure is necessary but only for a fixed number of hours in the day.  Most parents try to enforce this policy; however, they are unable to implement it without strict measures.

  1.    Online footprint

Online image is a very critical concept. At whatever stage of life, your online reputation plays a vital role in career and personal life. Kids neglect this fact in the beginning, but as they grow, the online image becomes an essential part of their day-to-day life.

Many bullies target kids with a bad online footprint as they find natural materials to harass and blackmail kids.

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  1.    Cyber security

Issues of cybersecurity are inevitable, yet many parents are unaware of it. Online threats and virus attacks are increasing by the day, and innumerable kids are becoming victims of cyberbullying and online predators.

In spite of the frequently reported incidents, not many parents have been able to get hold of the right remedy.

  1.    Good Online Citizen

What goes around, comes around! So, before your kids become victims to an online goon, it is essential that they learn digital etiquette. Online citizens need to be developed as a child.

The earlier kids learn to understand the do’s and don’ts of online citizenship, lesser the number of online cyberbullies created in the world.

  1.    Reduce health hazards

Generally, the health impacts of digital gadgets get neglected by most parents as the consequences show up gradually. Watching the blue screen all day will not destroy kids’ eyesight, but slowly over a period of one to two years, your kid will start showing some symptoms.

Although kids’ safety apps do not impact your kid’s health directly, it works as a precautionary measure to protect kids from adverse health implications.

Do I Need A Robust Parental Control Software?

As per experts, the primary reason why you need a parental control app is – kid’s safety. Again, safety is a broad term which includes protection from mobile addiction as well as online dangers. To achieve these two aspects, programs like Bit Guardian Parental Control apps are suitable.

Bit Guardian is an all-in-one app offering core parental control solutions for Android-friendly gadgets. Right from blocking apps to tracking kids’ whereabouts, the app never fails to disappoint you.

Modern parenting and parental control software are a match made in digital heaven, leverage its uncountable benefits to protect your kids from online threats.

How is Parental Control App the Best Option in the Digital Age for kids’ safety?

Are Kids Secure in Today’s Digital Age?

Parents and kids have two different opinions on digital safety. According to kids in today’s generation, smartphones are far more secure than the thugs on the streets. However, parents have an entirely different outlook and Parenting in the age of digital technology.

Are Kids Secure in Today’s Digital Age

The reason behind using best parental control software to secure kids in the digital world is easy to guess- the threat on online platforms impact kids emotionally and physically, and may have monetary impacts in some cases.

Even after several counseling sessions, kids repeat the same mistake of befriending strangers, joining social media networks, participate in adult contents, and indulge in violent & destructive gaming apps.

This alarming situation has forced parents to search for solutions to restrict usage of gadgets. So, instead of going cold turkey on your kid’s, let’s find out how can you protect them from digital threats.

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Why Do We Need the Best Parental Control Software?

Need the Best Parental Control Software

The free parental control app is your cold weapon when used, can limit digital exposure of kids. But why do we need to use it? So, here is a list of genuine reasons why these apps have gained a reputable name in the world:

  • To prevent the risk of getting cyberbullied.
  • Reduce exposure to explicit content that impacts kids’ brain at a young age.
  • Protect kids from health hazards caused by extended use of digital gadgets.
  • Limit psychological stress on kids. Apps like Facebook or Instagram leave kids feeling low and depressed. And most importantly, hurts their confidence level.
  • Prevent exposure to cyber attackers, to protect virus or malware attacks.

How Can You Safeguard Kids in The Digital Age?

Safeguard Kids in The Digital Age

So here are some cool tips that can assist you in protecting kids from digital perils:

  1. Talk Talk and Talk – As parents, you are required to be informed and educated about kid’s/teen’s behavior at all times and the latest trends making rounds. Once you completed the homework, figure out smart ways to speak to your kids about risks in the digital space and their possible solutions.
  2. Incentivize Media Time– Make media time valuable for kids by extending the time when your kid accomplishes a task in time. For example, if your kid cleans the bedroom or finishes all the veggies in dinner, extend their screen time by a small margin.
  3. Push Hobbies Over Technology- Sports, reading, art, plantation, etc. are far more interesting than digital gadgets. Involve your kids in community service or push them into summer camps.
  4. Family Time – Make plans for holidays twice a year. Ask your kids to plan for trips (camping and hiking is the best way to entertain kids),ask them to jot down requirements, seek their help in packing, preparing sandwiches, etc. Let kids participate in household work like repairing the garage door, washing the car, sweeping the floor, cooking dinner, washing utensils, and more.
  5. Implement parental controls – Any kid’s protection software is the master of all other solutions, as it works in the background. While your kids are enjoining a holiday,  remove access to their browsers, or disable their screen temporarily. This will not only help them in engaging with the family but allow them to capture real moments of bliss on the trip. Same way, block apps, suspend callers, check location, etc. only by the click of a button.

No matter how old your kids are, they will make innocent mistakes while accessing online contents.

In the presence of parents, it is imperative that kids do not fall in any unknown traps and work online smoothly. Therefore, be wise and raise your kids with the support of the best parental control software.

Smartphones Radiation and kids Health. What Parents Need to Know?

Cell phones are a blessing to the world but at the same time responsible for destroying the normal upbringing of kids.

The reason parents have indulged in parental control software for Android and iOS devices is simple- get rid of the undesirable mobile addiction.

Besides addiction, parents need to deal with a more pressing issue- cell phone radiation. But is mobile radiation harmful for your kids? Let’s find out.

Is Mobile Radiation Harmful to Kids? Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

Smartphones Radiation and kids Health

The world is aware of the electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phones. Scientists have invested a significant amount of time and energy in researching electromagnetic radiation produced when devices send and receive signals from towers or Wi-Fi devices.

Whether the radiations are harmful to humans or not is what researchers are still trying to comprehend.

However, according to a study conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2011, a working component of WHO, reported that electromagnetic radiation emitted from the wireless phone has possible carcinogenic effects on the human brain.

It increases a glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer.

Consistent research and debates continue on cell phone radiation. While the debate is still on, experts advise in keeping kids away from digital media to reduce the long-term health effects.

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How to Reduce Radiation Exposure at Home?

How to Reduce Radiation Exposure at Home

While there is more than one way to skin a cat, we will only look at solutions which are verified and powerful enough to show outcomes on kids.

Here is a list of habits that parents can implement to protect kids from smartphone radiation:

  1. Put the phone away from the body– Instead of keeping the phone in your back pocket, side pocket or t-shirt pocket, why not put it in a handbag or backpack. Farer the phone from the body, the healthier the environment. Why? Because even Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections emit a small number of radiation.
  2. Phone away from the bed- As soon as your kids hit the bed, remove those gadgets from their side. Distance the devices at least 3 feet away from their bed to reduce contact to cell phone radiation.
  3. Reduce phone calls when the signal is weak– Experts advise on strictly avoiding phone conversations while traveling in a car, bus, train, elevator, etc. wherever the signal is poor. Reason being, the weaker the signal of the phone, the stronger the signal the phone tries to put out and consequently the amount of radiation is higher. Why not use the speakerphone if there is an emergency!
  4. Using headsets or speakerphone rather than traditional calling– Time and again, headphones or speakerphones are promoted as a better way to speak on the phone rather than sticking the radiation box to your ear. Word of caution: Too much of headphone is not recommended for your ears, keep the conversation time limited.
  5. Use best parental control apps– Last but the best advice parents can take away today is utilizing free parental monitoring app that offers an innovative way to time the device and restrict screen time.

How Is Mobile Phone A Risk for Kid’s Health?

How Is Mobile Phone A Risk for Kid’s Health

Reduction in screen time and cutting down on extended hours of gaming or video streaming will help your kids in the long run because experts report that chances of brain tumor and carcinogenic possibilities occur after prolonged use of digital gadgets, especially smartphones.

Besides cancer-causing symptoms, a broad range of health issues has been sighted in kids like

  1. headaches
  2. ringing in the ear
  3. hearing loss
  4. poor eyesight
  5. postural problems etc.

Mobiles phones are also responsible for distracted driving and vehicle accidents in many cases. You may argue that adults are only accountable for this but guess what, in the end, adults need to protect kids directly or indirectly.

Adults need to lead by exampSmartphones Radiation and kids Healthle, so let go of the phone during driving.

Technology will only get better as days pass, whether the intensity of radiation will decrease or not is difficult to predict; however, small measure like utilizing parental control apps can help your kids stay healthy and fit. So, stop thinking and install now!

Most dangerous apps for kids and how Bit guardian Parental control app help

Why Do Parents Need To Protect Kids From Explicit Content?

Most dangerous apps for kids and how Bit guardian Parental control app help

Teens and pre-teens love the concept of apps. Especially apps which are readily available for free in the market get installed and used without wasting a single moment.

Now, considering peer influence as another significant factor in app installation, parents need to secure kids from inappropriate content with parental control app. In case you are wondering why an app should be the remedy to this problem? Then, allow us to explain.

Apps expose kids to explicit content, harmful & violent videos, sexual images, and most dreaded of all – exposure to online strangers. Preventing kids from unwanted episodes of cyberbullying and attacks can no longer be verbally communicated; these nasty activities need the support of another innovative app to restrict and filter data.

So, before we plunge into our discussion of parental monitoring software let us take a glance on the dicey apps which pose a risk to your innocent kids.

Most Dangerous Apps For Kids

So, here is a list of 5 apps (similar apps exist in the market) to protect your teens and little ones from:

Most dangerous apps for kids and how Bit guardian Parental control app help

  1.    Ask.fm

Ask.fm is a unique and exciting app that gets your adrenaline racing. Ask questions and get mind-blowing answers from friends or strangers. Barring the excitement, the portal has become a playground for cyberbullies, targeting innocent kids. Even after several incidents like suicide attempts triggered by the activities on the app, it has managed to gain popularity in the USA as well.

  1.    Snapchat

Texting has a new name – Snapchat. Send your text in the form of a video and image. Add your desired comments, captions, stickers, emoticons but guess what you cannot stop the recipient from saving it forever. Many teens have misused the app to send nude or semi-nude pictures to friends and ended up in a compromised situation.

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  1.    Kik

Kids only need the surname to connect to another person. The app does not believe in age verification and simply encourages the exchange of cards, photos, texts, etc. to anyone. Kik is popular amongst sexual predators and causes wrong influence on other kids.

  1.    Omegle

Just when you thought friends were enough for texting, apps like Omegle show you a path to indulge with strangers. Kids have the liberty to talk to random people residing in 190 countries across the globe. These conversations are not limited to friendly talks but invite an exchange of images & videos, abusive language, sexting, and references to drugs, violence, alcohol, etc.

  1.   Poof

Learning the fact that kids are using dangerous apps is relieving, what if you never found out what app’s kids spend time on? Which social media platforms do they use? Everything remains hidden from you! Well, Poof has been successful in covering up kids’ track by hiding all the apps used by kids. You may never find out your kids activities.

How Does Bit Guardian Parental Control App Help in Combating Inappropriate Content?

Parental control apps like Bit Guardian offer a viable method to restrict any inappropriate app in your kids’ phone.

  • Parental control app for App Blocker limits the usage of unsuitable apps on kids’ phone. Parents have the right to block apps which pose a threat to kid’s mind.
  • Parental control app for App Install Blocker locks downloading of any new apps from Google Play store.  If there is an urgent requirement for an app, the parent receives a request to remove the restriction.

Smartphones are a staple to our everyday life but do not let the phone control your kids. Secure kids from Inappropriate Content with the best Parental control app in the market. Hurry Now!

How to Restrict Access to Apps Using Parental Control App

The Internet has created an affordable and reachable ecosystem for accessing information.

Every answer you are looking is available on the internet. It is also responsible for app content on mobile devices.

One can easily install new apps and operate them with internet service.

Then, why do parents install the best parental control appWhy Need Parental Control Software? Why do kids need protection on the digital platform?

Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. Along with productive information, the internet permits inappropriate apps as well.

How much ever you use filters, your eyes will fall on explicit contents easily.

Inappropriate content exposure becomes a severe problem with kids. Considering kids’ age and maturity, their curiosity lands them on unnecessary apps and makes it an undesirable habit.

Let us now understand what apps are harmful to kids and how you can restrict apps on kid’s phone.

Which Apps should be Restricted from Kids?

Here is a list of apps which may have damaging consequences on your kids:

  1.    Social Media apps – Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  2.    Live streaming apps– Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, etc.
  3.    Pornography apps– Pornhub
  4.    Apps for hiding other apps and data– Poof, HIP, Calculator +, etc.
  5.    Video messaging apps– Snapchat, Line, etc.
  6.    Dating Apps– Tinder, Yubo, OkCupid, etc.
  7.    Online Chatting Apps Connecting Strangers– Omegle, ChatRoulette
  8.    Apps for Drugs and Medicines– Vora
  9.    Messaging Apps– Kik, Messenger, WhatsApp
  10.    Violent Gaming Apps– PUBG, GTA Vice City, Call of duty, etc.

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How to Restrict Apps on Kid’s Phone?

How to Restrict Apps on Kid’s Phone

Now that we know which apps can cause a bad influence on kids, the next step is to curtail the problem by finding ways to eliminate such apps from kid’s smartphone.

Bit Guardian Parental Control App offers innovative ways to help in restricting undesirable apps:

  • Parental Control for App Blocker- To prevent kids from adult apps, Bit Guardian offers an App Blocker that locks down all apps which parents’ find unacceptable for the kid. The process is straightforward, and it takes a single click to enable the setting. If the kid requires a locked app, he/she can request unblocking app from the child device.
  • Parental Control for App Install Block– App Install Block is a smart and innovative option, that cuts the root of all apps. Stop your kids from installing the latest apps by stalling the Google Play store.
  • Parental Control for Time Schedule– Certain apps like messaging and social media apps, although are dangerous at times but a necessity in today’s “networking” world. To strike the right balance, block apps on your kid’s device for a particular period. Set the timer for apps that can distract kids during their study time or bedtime.
  • Parental Control for Kiosk Mode– Kiosk mode is an innovative way to handle app restriction. In this mode, the parent device can initiate a phone launcher that will have very selected apps (educational and must-haves like calling app) for kid’s daily use. Kids will not have the liberty to use any other apps or download new ones.

Best Parental Control Apps Keep Kids Safe on Smartphones

Android devices are prone to online attacks and hacking threats. In such circumstances, kids are a soft target for these perpetrators.

It is a wise decision to enforce parental controls on your kid’s device and protect them on digital devices.

So, stop cursing the app developers for designing adult apps, instead install the Bit Guardian Parental control app and secure your kids.

Which Features are Necessary for Parental Control Apps for Monitoring Child Mobile Activity?

Why Parental Control Is Important?

When kids step outside the house, they are surrounded by innumerable dangers. These dangers are not only found on the streets but also on online sites.


Nowadays, kids have to be aware of thugs and goons on online platforms and digital space. Shocked? Well, don’t be!

Cybercrime is a prevalent issue faced by people across the globe, and kids are just soft targets for these perpetrators.

Before buying any Parental control app parentas need to look out on this article for understand Which features are necessary for parental control apps?

After wrapping our best parental control app review, we recognized the significance of parental control software in combating online dangers faced by kids every day.

Parental controls are stringent rules set by parents on kids’ digital devices. These controls have the potential to block inappropriate apps, monitor location, restrict prolonged screen time, and reach parents in case of emergency.

Kids’ smartphone addiction and the threat of cyber bullies are no more parent’s headache because parental control apps have the capability to reduce the chances of these threats dramatically.  

Best Parental Control Apps for Android Cell Phones

Best Parental Control Apps for Android Cell Phones

The market is overflowing with parental control apps; however, not all apps are up to the mark.

A couple of apps come with extremely valuable features, but the controls are unnecessarily complicated and vice versa. It’s hard to find an app that strikes the right balance.

But here is an app that you can use without worrying about the complicated controls or the latest features. –Bit Guardian Parental Control App is an all-rounder parental control software which uses advanced functionalities like GPS tracking to secure kids from the perils of the digital world.

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During our best parental control review, we came across Bit Guardian, to our surprise, the setup and processes were straightforward; you need not be a techie to operate the Bit Guardian Parental Control app.

Bit Guardian offers core parental control features which come in handy on a regular day as well as in the hour of an emergency.

What Are the Necessary Features in An Efficient Parental Control App?


There are no hard and fast parental controls available in all apps. Parental control features depend entirely on the user’s requirement (what your kid needs at the moment).

Anyhow, we want to help you narrow down your search for the best parental control app. Here are some necessary yet important features for tracking your kid’s digital as well as offline footprint:

  • App Blocker– Most basic feature of a parental control app is the application blocker, that locks down inappropriate apps. Apps can be locked individually or categorically.
  • App Install Blocker– App install blocker locks the Play Store on the kid’s device, disabling any further downloading. If the kid wishes to install a new app, he/she will have to request the parent to remove the blocker.
  • Call Blocking– Get rid of unknown and suspicious callers, block incoming and outgoing callers on kids’ phone. Call blocking is a great way to get rid of cyber bullies trying to harass kids through calls.
  • Geofencing – If your kid’s whereabouts bother you, chose an easy way to stay updated with their location. Geofencing is a GPS enabled technique that triggers an alert when kids enter or exit a defined virtual location.
  • Speeding alert- Ensure kids do not injure themselves on the road by setting a speed limit on your device. If your kid attempts to exceed the limit, the app will automatically send a notification to the parent.
  • Anti-Theft mode– Accidentally losing phone is a common problem which can be dealt intelligently, if there is a suitable option in the parental control app. The app should allow ringing the phone, locating the device and initiate a remote factory reset if the phone gets stolen.
  • Kiosk Mode– Disable the phone launcher, and activate the Kiosk Mode on your kids’ phone; this will only permit limited apps on kids’ phone.
  • Time Schedule – Limit screen time by setting curfew hours during bedtime and study hours.


Parental control apps for Android cell phones play a vital role in kid’s digital upbringing. So, do not waste this precious time quarreling with kids, instead install the Bit Guardian Parental Control App.


What is a Digital Footprint and Why Kids Need to Know About it?

Do your teens understand the impact of the digital footprint? What is a Digital Footprint? Are they leaving a positive footprint or negative?

More importantly, do your kids understand the definition of Digital footprint? If you are uncertain about the answers, then read on!

What is a Digital Footprint?

What is a Digital Footprint

Each time your child accesses a website uploads a picture or shares a link – they are creating a digital footprint.

Any online activity your kid engages, beginning with logging into the internet to performing any search generates a digital footprint.

Parental Control Apps help to keep cyberbullies away. These bullies leverage your teens’ digital footprint for their entertainment.

Think before posting online

Think before posting online

Now, the primary purpose behind educating kids about digital footprint is to prevent any cyberspace hazards.

Especially cyber bullies and online predators wait for teenagers to make mistakes on the online platform. Even a little information on a chatting portal can cost your teens their life.

The entire story boils down to a simple solution-think before you post!

Considering the fact that digital content never disappears, it is a wise decision to avoid uploading and sharing personal or controversial information.

You never know who misuses the data for what purpose.

Often, teens are encouraged to take online consent before posting a picture or message online.

Parents and elders at home, are genuine guides about your online activities-if they smell trouble by any of your online actions, they can stop you before it’s too late.

Long term implications of short-term mistakes

Teens often make silly mistakes on social media or online portals by adding information about family vacations and confidential details about their relationships.

Few teenagers have been spotted adding their semi-nude pictures or private data online.

All these activities may seem like a “No big deal”; however as your kids grow old, the footprint gives the school and high school peers subject to bully.

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Teens must watch out for any online activity as most colleges and institutes have a presence online; any wrongdoing online can cost them their dream college.

How can you help improve and protect your kids’ digital footprint?

protection from Digital Footprints

A couple of simple actions can change your kids’ image in the online world:

  1.   Educate your kids to be responsible citizens online. Apply the same ethics that offline world demands.
  2.   Social media privacy settings are the first step in any social media platform. Manual approval of friends and posts need to be encouraged.
  3.  Watch out on what your teens share. Sharing posts has the same repercussions as uploading.
  4.  Avoid engaging with strangers to avoid any negative comment or influence on your online activities.

Last but not least, as parents’, parental controls apps are the best way to handle your kids’ online activities. The remote control of your kids’ phone has to be in your control.  

Make the online world as safe as offline by raising good online citizens.