Parents using technology to deal with parenting issues will also require Parental control App to assist them monitor kid mobile activity. There are several reasons why parents turn to technology.

Parenting is not the most straightforward task in the book. It is even harder if there are multiple kids. Technology comes to the rescue of such parents and also brings its own set of issues with it like over usage of smartphones, exposure to explicit content, cybercrime, cyberbullying, Online Shaming etc.

This article goes on to describe how parents can manage the task of parenting using technology and overcome all downfalls of using technology as well.

Challenges of a busy parent in this digital world

Working parents have their hands full with managing their work and minding their children. Making use of technology helps solve many problems and brings a new set of challenges too. Parents need to limit screen time, track location and even block Apps.

Here are a few common challenges for parents:

  • No control over Apps kids use:

Parents may have installed educational Apps on a child’s phone; however, they might be watching YouTube videos in their absence. A parental control App that allows parents to block Apps ensures full control over kid’s mobile usage.

  • No idea what kids are doing on their mobile:

Parents are not always aware of a child’s activities on a smartphone. A parental App helps parents monitor kids mobile activity. Kids are in danger of being exposed to explicit content, cybercrime, identity theft, etc.

  • Kids using a smartphone at any time they please:

A child can use a smartphone anywhere and at any time. However, parents can take control of kid’s device to restrict screen time and schedule their usage. They can restrict the time of day children can use Apps and even restrict how much time they can spend on Apps.

Bit Guardian Parental App

This parental App helps kids as a message and call blocker and even monitor all the kid’s mobile activity.

Bit Guardian Parental control app 2019

Here is a list of features:

  • Schedule phone usage:

Parents can restrict screen time of children. Parents can also limit the time for individual Apps. The app allows to schedule mobile phone usage and uses several pre-set modes like game-time, bedtime, etc.  Bedtime mode will not allow a child to use any Apps on a smartphone, while game-time mode will not allow a kid to play games except when permitted.

  • Block Apps:

‘Block Apps’ allows patents to block an App. The way this works is a parent can view a list of Apps installed and select ones to block.

  • Monitoring all calls and messages:

Track calls and messages on a child device by accessing a log maintained by the App. Parents thus require a message and call blocker. Bit Guardian allows parents to block any contact.

  • Panic alert:

If a child activates ‘SOS mode,’ it will send a panic message to parents device. It can also send a message to other contacts.

  • Lost or stolen device:

A stolen device can be tracked by parents using GPS feature. This will instantly locate the device. It can also ring a child device.

  • Geofence:

GPS feature helps implement Geofence which creates a virtual boundary to impose restrictions on your child. Parents receive an alert message if a child crosses any boundary. This works by setting central location and radius to create a virtual fence.

  • Block App install:

Kids cannot install any new Apps on their device once ‘Block App Install’ feature is made active.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I monitor my child’s phone?

Yes, Parents can monitor phone access of children with the help of a parental App.

  • How do I monitor my child’s text messages on a mobile device?

Parental Apps can monitor a child’s device and view the message log.

  • What does parental control mean?

A parent can control smartphone usage of a child using a parental control App like Bit Guardian.

  • How do you block inappropriate websites?

Block any Apps that are not appropriate using a parental App to ensure kids does not view bad content.

Bit Guardian has many useful features to monitor kid mobile activity. It is the best parental App that allows to track screen time and block Apps.

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