Do your teens understand the impact of the digital footprint? What is a Digital Footprint? Are they leaving a positive footprint or negative?

More importantly, do your kids understand the definition of Digital footprint? If you are uncertain about the answers, then read on!

What is a Digital Footprint?

What is a Digital Footprint

Each time your child accesses a website uploads a picture or shares a link – they are creating a digital footprint.

Any online activity your kid engages, beginning with logging into the internet to performing any search generates a digital footprint.

Parental Control Apps help to keep cyberbullies away. These bullies leverage your teens’ digital footprint for their entertainment.

Think before posting online

Think before posting online

Now, the primary purpose behind educating kids about digital footprint is to prevent any cyberspace hazards.

Especially cyber bullies and online predators wait for teenagers to make mistakes on the online platform. Even a little information on a chatting portal can cost your teens their life.

The entire story boils down to a simple solution-think before you post!

Considering the fact that digital content never disappears, it is a wise decision to avoid uploading and sharing personal or controversial information.

You never know who misuses the data for what purpose.

Often, teens are encouraged to take online consent before posting a picture or message online.

Parents and elders at home, are genuine guides about your online activities-if they smell trouble by any of your online actions, they can stop you before it’s too late.

Long term implications of short-term mistakes

Teens often make silly mistakes on social media or online portals by adding information about family vacations and confidential details about their relationships.

Few teenagers have been spotted adding their semi-nude pictures or private data online.

All these activities may seem like a “No big deal”; however as your kids grow old, the footprint gives the school and high school peers subject to bully.

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Teens must watch out for any online activity as most colleges and institutes have a presence online; any wrongdoing online can cost them their dream college.

How can you help improve and protect your kids’ digital footprint?

protection from Digital Footprints

A couple of simple actions can change your kids’ image in the online world:

  1.   Educate your kids to be responsible citizens online. Apply the same ethics that offline world demands.
  2.   Social media privacy settings are the first step in any social media platform. Manual approval of friends and posts need to be encouraged.
  3.  Watch out on what your teens share. Sharing posts has the same repercussions as uploading.
  4.  Avoid engaging with strangers to avoid any negative comment or influence on your online activities.

Last but not least, as parents’, parental controls apps are the best way to handle your kids’ online activities. The remote control of your kids’ phone has to be in your control.  

Make the online world as safe as offline by raising good online citizens.

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