Why Parental Control Is Important?

When kids step outside the house, they are surrounded by innumerable dangers. These dangers are not only found on the streets but also on online sites.


Nowadays, kids have to be aware of thugs and goons on online platforms and digital space. Shocked? Well, don’t be!

Cybercrime is a prevalent issue faced by people across the globe, and kids are just soft targets for these perpetrators.

Before buying any Parental control app parentas need to look out on this article for understand Which features are necessary for parental control apps?

After wrapping our best parental control app review, we recognized the significance of parental control software in combating online dangers faced by kids every day.

Parental controls are stringent rules set by parents on kids’ digital devices. These controls have the potential to block inappropriate apps, monitor location, restrict prolonged screen time, and reach parents in case of emergency.

Kids’ smartphone addiction and the threat of cyber bullies are no more parent’s headache because parental control apps have the capability to reduce the chances of these threats dramatically.  

Best Parental Control Apps for Android Cell Phones

Best Parental Control Apps for Android Cell Phones

The market is overflowing with parental control apps; however, not all apps are up to the mark.

A couple of apps come with extremely valuable features, but the controls are unnecessarily complicated and vice versa. It’s hard to find an app that strikes the right balance.

But here is an app that you can use without worrying about the complicated controls or the latest features. –Bit Guardian Parental Control App is an all-rounder parental control software which uses advanced functionalities like GPS tracking to secure kids from the perils of the digital world.

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During our best parental control review, we came across Bit Guardian, to our surprise, the setup and processes were straightforward; you need not be a techie to operate the Bit Guardian Parental Control app.

Bit Guardian offers core parental control features which come in handy on a regular day as well as in the hour of an emergency.

What Are the Necessary Features in An Efficient Parental Control App?


There are no hard and fast parental controls available in all apps. Parental control features depend entirely on the user’s requirement (what your kid needs at the moment).

Anyhow, we want to help you narrow down your search for the best parental control app. Here are some necessary yet important features for tracking your kid’s digital as well as offline footprint:

  • App Blocker– Most basic feature of a parental control app is the application blocker, that locks down inappropriate apps. Apps can be locked individually or categorically.
  • App Install Blocker– App install blocker locks the Play Store on the kid’s device, disabling any further downloading. If the kid wishes to install a new app, he/she will have to request the parent to remove the blocker.
  • Call Blocking– Get rid of unknown and suspicious callers, block incoming and outgoing callers on kids’ phone. Call blocking is a great way to get rid of cyber bullies trying to harass kids through calls.
  • Geofencing – If your kid’s whereabouts bother you, chose an easy way to stay updated with their location. Geofencing is a GPS enabled technique that triggers an alert when kids enter or exit a defined virtual location.
  • Speeding alert- Ensure kids do not injure themselves on the road by setting a speed limit on your device. If your kid attempts to exceed the limit, the app will automatically send a notification to the parent.
  • Anti-Theft mode– Accidentally losing phone is a common problem which can be dealt intelligently, if there is a suitable option in the parental control app. The app should allow ringing the phone, locating the device and initiate a remote factory reset if the phone gets stolen.
  • Kiosk Mode– Disable the phone launcher, and activate the Kiosk Mode on your kids’ phone; this will only permit limited apps on kids’ phone.
  • Time Schedule – Limit screen time by setting curfew hours during bedtime and study hours.


Parental control apps for Android cell phones play a vital role in kid’s digital upbringing. So, do not waste this precious time quarreling with kids, instead install the Bit Guardian Parental Control App.


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