How is Parental Control App the Best Option in the Digital Age for kids’ safety?

Are Kids Secure in Today’s Digital Age?

Parents and kids have two different opinions on digital safety. According to kids in today’s generation, smartphones are far more secure than the thugs on the streets. However, parents have an entirely different outlook and Parenting in the age of digital technology.

Are Kids Secure in Today’s Digital Age

The reason behind using best parental control software to secure kids in the digital world is easy to guess- the threat on online platforms impact kids emotionally and physically, and may have monetary impacts in some cases.

Even after several counseling sessions, kids repeat the same mistake of befriending strangers, joining social media networks, participate in adult contents, and indulge in violent & destructive gaming apps.

This alarming situation has forced parents to search for solutions to restrict usage of gadgets. So, instead of going cold turkey on your kid’s, let’s find out how can you protect them from digital threats.

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Why Do We Need the Best Parental Control Software?

Need the Best Parental Control Software

The free parental control app is your cold weapon when used, can limit digital exposure of kids. But why do we need to use it? So, here is a list of genuine reasons why these apps have gained a reputable name in the world:

  • To prevent the risk of getting cyberbullied.
  • Reduce exposure to explicit content that impacts kids’ brain at a young age.
  • Protect kids from health hazards caused by extended use of digital gadgets.
  • Limit psychological stress on kids. Apps like Facebook or Instagram leave kids feeling low and depressed. And most importantly, hurts their confidence level.
  • Prevent exposure to cyber attackers, to protect virus or malware attacks.

How Can You Safeguard Kids in The Digital Age?

Safeguard Kids in The Digital Age

So here are some cool tips that can assist you in protecting kids from digital perils:

  1. Talk Talk and Talk – As parents, you are required to be informed and educated about kid’s/teen’s behavior at all times and the latest trends making rounds. Once you completed the homework, figure out smart ways to speak to your kids about risks in the digital space and their possible solutions.
  2. Incentivize Media Time– Make media time valuable for kids by extending the time when your kid accomplishes a task in time. For example, if your kid cleans the bedroom or finishes all the veggies in dinner, extend their screen time by a small margin.
  3. Push Hobbies Over Technology- Sports, reading, art, plantation, etc. are far more interesting than digital gadgets. Involve your kids in community service or push them into summer camps.
  4. Family Time – Make plans for holidays twice a year. Ask your kids to plan for trips (camping and hiking is the best way to entertain kids),ask them to jot down requirements, seek their help in packing, preparing sandwiches, etc. Let kids participate in household work like repairing the garage door, washing the car, sweeping the floor, cooking dinner, washing utensils, and more.
  5. Implement parental controls – Any kid’s protection software is the master of all other solutions, as it works in the background. While your kids are enjoining a holiday,  remove access to their browsers, or disable their screen temporarily. This will not only help them in engaging with the family but allow them to capture real moments of bliss on the trip. Same way, block apps, suspend callers, check location, etc. only by the click of a button.

No matter how old your kids are, they will make innocent mistakes while accessing online contents.

In the presence of parents, it is imperative that kids do not fall in any unknown traps and work online smoothly. Therefore, be wise and raise your kids with the support of the best parental control software.

Protecting Kids from Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying: Steps to Protect your Kids

In this digital age, parents need to keep child safe digitally.  All children’s Internet usage should be under scrutiny since they are vulnerable to several threats including cyberbullying and parentas need to guide What Is Social Media Etiquette for kids.

Kids leave themselves exposed to cyberbullying, cybercrimes and more due to excessive use of a mobile device.

Thus, it is necessary to limit your child’s internet use for their safety. There is also a danger of identity theft, viewing adult material, violent games, etc., that only a trustworthy parental control App can solve.

This article goes on to provide some tips to protect kids from cyberbullying and how installing a parental App can bring peace of mind to parents.

Tips to keep kids safe from cyber bullying


A trustworthy parental control App has the perfect list of features to ensure the safety of a child; it can also block App for a specific period of time to limit exposure to explicit content.

Here is why this is effective:

  • Restrict screen time:

Children’s internet usage and smartphone usage can be scheduled. Parents schedule mobile usage, enforce bedtime, restrict game-time. This ensures children do not use mobile in bed or play games at all times of the day.

  • Limit your child’s internet use:

It is necessary to reduce the amount of time a child spends online using their smartphone.

  • Monitor calls and SMS:

By keeping tabs on calls and messages, parents can spot early signs of cyberbullying and stop it in its track.

  • Block app for a specific period of time:

This is a very effective method of controlling what a child does and keep them away from harm’s way. A child is then not able to use any App as long as a parent has this setting active.

Bit Guardian Parental control app

Add kids and manage.png

Bit Guardian helps parents to be involved in common children issues and gives them more control over a child’s device. It makes it easier for them to set limits on mobile usage of a child.

Here is a list of features:

  • Schedule phone usage:

This feature helps restrict all mobile device usage of a child and prevent them using a device all day long, and anyhow they please. Schedule mobile usage and use several pre-set modes to limit smartphone usage. The two most popular pre-set modes are bedtime mode and game-time mode.

Bedtime mode, if set, will not allow a child to use an App on a mobile phone. Game-time mode, on the other hand, will also not allow a child to play any games except when authorized by a parent.

  • Block Apps:

Just block any App on a child’s device to stop them from using it. Parents have the ability to view the entire list of Apps installed on a child’s device

  • View all calls and messages:

Prevent a child from calling and messaging anyone they please. This is a good safety measure since parents can view logs and decide if they need to block any contact.

  • SOS mode:

SOS button is handy for children in distress. Parents will instantly receive an alert when a kid presses the SOS button in an emergency. Additionally, other contacts will also receive this message as per settings.

  • Theft of device:

GPS comes in handy in case of theft of a child’s device. Parents can quickly locate their child’s device using the location tracker and even ring if necessary.

  • Geofence:

GPS is also useful to ensure your child does not cross the physical boundary restrictions. Geofence creates a virtual boundary for this purpose with the help of central location parameters and radius. In the case where a child does cross the boundary, parents will instantly receive an alert message.

  • Block App Install

Deny a child the permission to install any new application on their device by activating this feature.

Bit Guardian is one of the most trustworthy parental control App

around to ensure the safety of all children using smartphones no matter

what their age might be.

Parenting is more Challenging Task For Parents in a Modern Day

Modern day parenting is very different and requires the use of a trustworthy Parental control App. Use of digital devices was very limited in the past and children spent more time in physical activities on a playground. Teenagers did not have their digital devices, and there was no need for setting time limits for device.

This article describes how parenting is different in the digital world and why all parents need to use a parental App to monitor child’s mobile activities.

How parenting has changed in the digital world?

Parenting is already very demanding, and the digital world has introduced another dimension of parenting to complicate it. There is tons of information available online, and toddlers take little time to learn the working of mobiles and tabs. Hence, parents face several new issues like the need to block inappropriate content, restrict screen time.

How parenting has changed in the digital world?

Here are a few points on how parenting has changed:

  • Parents can access a vast knowledge base online to educate themselves on the issue of parenting.
  • Parents need to monitor a child’s mobile activities since kids these days are more tech savvy.
  • It is necessary for parents to limit a child’s exposure to content online and to block inappropriate content.
  • Parents are now faced with a new challenge to set time limits to the device since children spend too much time on smartphones or tablets.  
  • Parents need to make use of a trustworthy Parental control App to keep tabs on a mobile activity of a teenager.  

Bit Guardian to Monitor kid mobile activity

The safest parental control app for your android phone

Bit Guardian can monitor a child’s mobile activities and can track a child using GPS to detect their location instantly. Besides which it can also use GPS to find a lost or stolen mobile or notify if a child is traveling over the speed limit.

  • Geofence:

   Geofence makes use of GPS to do more than just track location of a child. It can alert a parent if a child crosses the physical boundary set for him.

  • Schedule phone usage:

   Setting time limits to a device is important. This App can restrict the amount of time a child spends on a smartphone and limits time for individual Apps. It schedules mobile phone usage and offers several pre-set modes like game-time, bedtime, etc.

  • Track all calls and messages:

Parents can view calls and messages log for child device. It is also possible for a parent to block contacts if necessary.

  • Block Apps:

Block inappropriate content on a child device to help bring peace of mind to parents since a child cannot access any explicit content. A parent can view a list of Apps installed and select ones to block.

  • Panic alert:

The SOS button if and when activated will alert parents along with any other contact that has been set up to receive an emergency alert. (panic alert) from the child.

  • Block App install:

A child cannot install any new Apps if ‘Block App Install’ is enabled. Thus, a parent can make sure no objectionable Apps can be installed on by him.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I monitor my child’s phone?

        Yes, Parents can monitor a child’s mobile activity with the help of a parental control App.

  • How do I monitor my child’s text messages on the mobile device?

        Parental App can be installed on parents mobile as well as child’s and used to monitor a child’s messages.

  • What does parental control mean?

        A parent can control the mobile usage of their kid using a parental App.

  • How do you block all inappropriate content?

        Block any objectionable Apps using a parental App to prevent exposure to inappropriate content.

Porn Addiction: It Is Not a Only Boy Problem

If parents believe that it is only their son that requires a parental control App to block pornography content, then they are mistaken. Their daughter is equally at risk of getting addicted to viewing porn content online.

Parents should block porn content from a child’s device since it is addictive and can hurt one’s life. It is not a mental disorder but can affect anyone irrespective of gender, age and sexual orientation.

Parental App to block porn content

Kids with a smartphone can access porn content using a browser and other Apps. Hence parents often resort to block specific sites and think it serves the purpose. But that is not the case, even blocking social media is not sufficient.

It is necessary to install a parental App to stop a child from viewing such objectionable content. Such an App can block browsers and even prevent a child from any installing any such questionable Apps.  

An App like this allows parents to monitor their child’s activity on a smartphone, keep tabs on calls & messages and also schedule their usage. Hence a parent can not only block explicit content, but they can also further monitor for misuse.

Bit Guardian – best parental control App

  • Schedule phone usage:

Parents can restrict the amount of time children can spend on each App like games, social media, etc. It can also schedule all App usage of the child.

There are many modes already defined to help parents with a schedule, like  Bedtime mode, Game-time mode, etc. If bedtime mode is activated, the device will not allow a child to use any App except for emergency calls. In the same way, if game-time mode is active, it restricts when a child can play games.

  • View calls and messages:

A parental App allows you to view call and message log to keep tabs on who a child is contacting. It also allows a parent to block contacts if necessary.

  • Block Apps:

Parents can block any App listed in their child’s device using this ‘Block App’ feature. It is done by simply activating block Apps and selecting any objectionable Apps from a list of Apps on a child’s device. This is useful to block social media Apps among others.  

  • Block App install:

Prevent kids from installing any new Apps on their device by activating the ‘Block App’ feature on Bit Guardian.

  • Panic alert:

Kid’s in danger can activate an ‘SOS mode.’ Once this happens, a parent will receive ‘Panic Alert’ on their device. It can also send a message toany other contact as per the setting.

  • Geofence:

Parents can use Geofence feature to receive alerts whenever a child crosses any physical boundary set for them. A virtual boundary is configured using a central location and radius to map the physical boundary.

  • Find lost phone in case of theft:

If device is lost or stolen, a parent can quickly track it using this feature. Parents can also ring a child’s device with the App.

  • Tracking a child:

‘Location Tracker’ allows a parent to track the location of a child using GPS. Additionally, a child can make use of GPS with ‘Pick Me’ feature. Once this feature is active on a child’s device, parents will receive and an alert with the location of their child.

  • Speed Limiter:

Parents can keep tabs on the speed at which their children are traveling as well with the help of GPS. ‘Speed Limiter‘ feature allows parents to set up alerts if the child goes over the set limit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I monitor my child’s phone?

A parental App like Bit Guardian has many features that allows you to monitor a child, track their location and limit their usage.

  • How do I view my child’s text messages on the phone?

Parental Apps keep tabs on a child’s messages and calls by allowing parents to view all message logs.

  • What does parental control mean?

A child’s mobile phone activity can be restricted, and their usage monitored using a parental App. This is referred to as parental control in this digital age.

Bit Guardian Parental Control App is the most trusted App when it comes to blocking specific sites. Parents prefer this App since it is successful at blocking porn content.

The safest parental control app for your android phone

Cybercrime is at an all-time high with increased dependency on technology and digital gadgets.

It affects everyone starting from a toddler. Thus, it is necessary to secure a kid with safe parental control app and learn How to use parental Control app for secure your kids.

Bit Guardian Parental Control is one of the best and safest parental control App around.

A Child is not safe with a smartphone

Teenagers spend a great deal of time on a smartphone which is not good for many reasons including security and health.

There are many risks here are a few listed:

  • Strain eyes
  • Cyberbullying
  • Identity theft
  • Getting trolled on social media or other websites
  • Adult content
  • Contacted by people having bad intentions.
  • Being overexposed due to photos or content placed online.
  • Being unaware who is checking posts online, for example, Police, University, etc.

How is a kid safe with a parental App?

Several parents can relate to being worried about the safety of their child. This extends to digital threats as well. Purpose of safe parental App is to keep a child safe while they are using their mobile device.

This is how to keep kids safe with parental control:

  • A safe parental App helps restrict content and help save a child from explicit material.
  • Allows to restrict screen time hence prevents kids from spending long hours on a smartphone.
  • Restricted messaging and calling feature to ensure kids security.
  • Removes any ability of a child to install a new application on a smartphone. Besides which it is also possible to track the location of the child using GPS.
  • Safety from cyber-crimes:

It can control access, restrict content from unknown sources and protect children from the threat of cyber-crime.

Bit Guardian Parental App the safest parental control app

This apps guarantees complete security of the kid and helps a parent secure the kid using a safe parental control app.

Bit Guardian Parental App the safest parental control app

Here are the features:

  • Block Apps:

Ability to block Apps on your child’s device helps keep safe from any unwanted apps and objectionable content.

It is possible to access a list of apps for your child and select the ones to disable. This blocks a child from using those Apps

  • Location Tracker:

The location tracker feature helps parent track their kids location using GPS mechanism.

  • View call and message logs:

Monitor all calls and messages of a child device by viewing respective logs. Parents also can block any unwanted contact from a child’s device.

  • Schedule usage:

Restrict time spent by a child on individual Apps to gain more control over their device. It also allows blocking Apps of a specific category. There is also an option of activating a pre-set mode.

One such mode is Bedtime mode. A phone is not usable when Bedtime mode is activated. Similarly, when a game-time mode is enabled, the kids can only play mobile games as per settings by parents.

  • Geofence:

GPS tracker comes in handy to establish a Geofence. This allows a parent to create a virtual boundary using a central location and radius. Parents will receive an alert if a child oversteps the boundary.

The way this works is by selecting GPS option in Setting section and configuring ‘Center Location’ and Radius under Geofence.

  • Block App installation:

This helps prevent a child from installing any new Apps to their mobile device. With safe parental App like this, kids cannot access restricted content.

  • Kiosk mode:

Kiosk mode allows taking complete control of a smartphone. Parents remotely control a child device and even block Apps. It is highly popular with younger kids.

  • Panic mode:

When a kid activates SOS, it will send a panic alert on a Parent’s device. It can also send a message to other contacts as per parent’s setting.

  • Speed Limiter:

Get speeding alerts with this feature. Once set from a Parent’s Dashboard, it is possible to monitor the child’s speed and receive an alert signal if they are speeding.

  • Anti-theft:

If a device is lost or stolen, it can be located using a GPS tracker. It is also possible to ring a child device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I send SOS in an emergency?

Yes, a child can send an alert message to parents and other contacts set in an App in case of an emergency.

  • How to find a child’s lost mobile?

A lost or stolen mobile can be found using GPS in a phone. Location tracker quickly tracks the device location using this system.

  • Can I block a child’s contact list?

Yes, one can block unwanted contacts in Contact App using a parental control app.

  • How to use Geofence?

The parent sets app with central location and radius and will receive alerts if a child goes beyond the physical boundary as per the settings.

The best and safest parental App

Bit Guardian parental App provides an advanced level of protection by monitoring smartphone usage of a child.

It is highly reliable due to the feature it offers to keep tabs on a child’s activity and location. This helps parents achieve peace of mind since the child is safe and secure.