Fortunately, or unfortunately, kids love their gadgets!

In the era, where the internet is no more a novelty but necessity, kids rely on the web for all their day-to-day tasks. The combination of gadgets and the internet may seem like a great technological boon, but the same is a massive struggle for parents like cyber-bullying, Digital Kidnapping, Social harassment and many more.

Let’s find out ways to cope with the struggle of kids’ gadget addiction.

Why Is Parental Control Important?

Reasons to use Parental Controls Apps

Play along with us.

Imagine entering the house to find your kid chatting on Facebook messenger with complete strangers they had met online.

Oh, wait, the worst part is yet to come! They have a school test due tomorrow which has been entirely sidetracked, thanks to the entertaining chit-chatting.

Shocking? Or, Upsetting?

Perhaps, you may have been in the shoes of such parents and are eagerly find solutions to get out of such annoying scenes.

Well, parental controls are exactly what parents need in this digital age.

Digital exposure per see is not harmful, but over-engagement with media sources and inappropriate content is definitely alarming.

Reportedly, screen time exposure causes academic deterioration but is also a critical reason behind health and psychological troubles. Experts are worried that prolonged use of screen can have unexpected outcomes on kids.

Parental control software is growing in demand due to the adverse situation created by mobile phones and other gadgets. More and more parents are enforcing the controls to combat gadget addiction and at the same time secure kids of online crimes.

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Which Features Are Necessary for A Parental Control App?

Every parental control app is unique and offers a set of features which are suitable for different types of situations.

However, looking at the current scenario of mobile phone usage and applications, all apps should cater to the following best-practiced features for expected results:

  1. App Blocker– Discourage unsuitable apps like Tinder on your kids’ phone by blocking them instantly with the help of an efficient app blocker.
  2. Time Schedule– Limit screen time on kid’s phone by setting curfew hours during bedtime or study time or whenever required.
  3. App Install Blocker – Strike the hammer at the right place by blocking access to the app store of your kid’s device. Kids will be unable to install any new apps.
  4. Panic Alert– Help your kid at the right time and reach the right place by the panic alert. Your child only needs to hit a button to get a parent’s attention.
  5. GPS Finder– Monitor your kid’s whereabouts easily and quickly by GPS enabled location finder. To add the cherry on the cake, leverage GPS technology in marking safe zones for your kids, and track over speeding habits.
  6. Call Blocker– Do not let another caller harass your kid. Block all suspicious callers and friends, on your kid’s contact list, without any technical hassle.
  7. Anti-Theft tool- Your kid’s private data is private even after the device gets stolen. Using Anti-theft tools, remotely factory reset the private data and locate the device instantly.

Best Parental Control Apps for Android Cell Phones- Bit Guardian

The best parental control software may not have everything you desired but should have the above-mentioned critical features in the basket.

It is wise to invest in an app that offers all the core parental controls along with additional fancy features. However, Bit Guardian Parental Control is one such app that offers all the core features and combats mobile addiction effortlessly.

Considering how easy it is to operate the app, Bit Guardian Parental Control should be your top choice.


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