Best parental control apps are the key to your kid’s positive upbringing. The apps take care of the distractions while you take care of your kids’ enthusiasm in a productive direction. Want to know how?

How Can I Reduce My Kid’s Screen Time?

Honestly, there are several ways to reduce screen time or Spend Less Time on Their Phone. But we believe in using methods which have long-term effects and permanent outcomes.

So, here is a list of ways you can reduce your child’s screen time:

ways you can reduce your child's screen time

  1. Involvement in household chores– Simple work like cleaning, mopping, washing, cooking, etc. Involve your kids in such activities. This not only helps them in household chores but at the same time encourages problem-solving skills and techniques.
  2. Be a part of a volunteer program or community service– Volunteering is the best way to engage kids. It diverts them from online activities and helps them in learning valuable skills of compassion and care giving.

Some experts also suggest – Parents should accompany kids for such volunteering services.

  1. Indulge in a hobby – If kids are not exposed to different co-curricular activities, it is hard for them to identify what they like. As parents, your job is to push your kids towards new opportunities like sports or art.

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Talk to them about their likes and dislikes. You may be astonished to know your kid loves watching soccer but never got a chance to play. Encourage your kid towards activities they enjoy and rest assured mobile addiction will surely come down.

  1. Media time is family time– Whenever your kid wishes to watch a movie or a video on YouTube, offer them to sit with the family. Even with games, participate with them and ask them to add you in multi-player modes.

Make their online activities family activities to reduce inappropriate content (as they will be under parental supervision)

  1. Encourage social gatherings and friend outings– Instead of spending precious hours on social media networking apps, parents are advised to encourage kids to spend time with friends and host parties at home. Possibility of spending time with family or friends should increase instead of being on social media.

So, help your kids in finding opportunities with real friends, which will ensure less urge to speak to strangers.

  1.    Practice Yoga and Mindfulness- This one may sound tricky because kids do not understand the reasoning behind these ancient practices.

Yoga or mindfulness, teaches you to be in the present moment, imparts positivism and expand perspective about life. Yoga has a dual effect – it transforms the spiritual side and recharges the physical body. Yoga manifests a rejuvenated body and soul to make you work harder and wiser. Children can benefit from yoga by enhancing their energy level.

  1.  Learn Home Science Skills – Kids can always encourage to learn skills of home science, especially cooking. This does not affect their academics but makes them more able and independent to live a quality life. Once they grow as adults, they will remember these skills and benefit from them when parents are not around.

How can parental control app reduce screen time?

Parental controls are the best way to restrict screen time.

If your kids are on the smartphone or tablet all day, it’s best to cut down the time to 1-2 hours per day.  To do this, you will need an efficient parental control app for screen time.

The app will help in reducing screen time by setting a period within which your kids will not be able to access the cell phone. This curfew hour will allow kids to work on other activities and hobbies or find an alternate source of entertainment.

So, stop thinking and start managing your child’s screen time with the best parental control app.


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