Cell phones are a blessing to the world but at the same time responsible for destroying the normal upbringing of kids.

The reason parents have indulged in parental control software for Android and iOS devices is simple- get rid of the undesirable mobile addiction.

Besides addiction, parents need to deal with a more pressing issue- cell phone radiation. But is mobile radiation harmful for your kids? Let’s find out.

Is Mobile Radiation Harmful to Kids? Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

Smartphones Radiation and kids Health

The world is aware of the electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phones. Scientists have invested a significant amount of time and energy in researching electromagnetic radiation produced when devices send and receive signals from towers or Wi-Fi devices.

Whether the radiations are harmful to humans or not is what researchers are still trying to comprehend.

However, according to a study conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2011, a working component of WHO, reported that electromagnetic radiation emitted from the wireless phone has possible carcinogenic effects on the human brain.

It increases a glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer.

Consistent research and debates continue on cell phone radiation. While the debate is still on, experts advise in keeping kids away from digital media to reduce the long-term health effects.

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How to Reduce Radiation Exposure at Home?

How to Reduce Radiation Exposure at Home

While there is more than one way to skin a cat, we will only look at solutions which are verified and powerful enough to show outcomes on kids.

Here is a list of habits that parents can implement to protect kids from smartphone radiation:

  1. Put the phone away from the body– Instead of keeping the phone in your back pocket, side pocket or t-shirt pocket, why not put it in a handbag or backpack. Farer the phone from the body, the healthier the environment. Why? Because even Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections emit a small number of radiation.
  2. Phone away from the bed- As soon as your kids hit the bed, remove those gadgets from their side. Distance the devices at least 3 feet away from their bed to reduce contact to cell phone radiation.
  3. Reduce phone calls when the signal is weak– Experts advise on strictly avoiding phone conversations while traveling in a car, bus, train, elevator, etc. wherever the signal is poor. Reason being, the weaker the signal of the phone, the stronger the signal the phone tries to put out and consequently the amount of radiation is higher. Why not use the speakerphone if there is an emergency!
  4. Using headsets or speakerphone rather than traditional calling– Time and again, headphones or speakerphones are promoted as a better way to speak on the phone rather than sticking the radiation box to your ear. Word of caution: Too much of headphone is not recommended for your ears, keep the conversation time limited.
  5. Use best parental control apps– Last but the best advice parents can take away today is utilizing free parental monitoring app that offers an innovative way to time the device and restrict screen time.

How Is Mobile Phone A Risk for Kid’s Health?

How Is Mobile Phone A Risk for Kid’s Health

Reduction in screen time and cutting down on extended hours of gaming or video streaming will help your kids in the long run because experts report that chances of brain tumor and carcinogenic possibilities occur after prolonged use of digital gadgets, especially smartphones.

Besides cancer-causing symptoms, a broad range of health issues has been sighted in kids like

  1. headaches
  2. ringing in the ear
  3. hearing loss
  4. poor eyesight
  5. postural problems etc.

Mobiles phones are also responsible for distracted driving and vehicle accidents in many cases. You may argue that adults are only accountable for this but guess what, in the end, adults need to protect kids directly or indirectly.

Adults need to lead by exampSmartphones Radiation and kids Healthle, so let go of the phone during driving.

Technology will only get better as days pass, whether the intensity of radiation will decrease or not is difficult to predict; however, small measure like utilizing parental control apps can help your kids stay healthy and fit. So, stop thinking and install now!

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