Why Do Parents Need To Protect Kids From Explicit Content?

Most dangerous apps for kids and how Bit guardian Parental control app help

Teens and pre-teens love the concept of apps. Especially apps which are readily available for free in the market get installed and used without wasting a single moment.

Now, considering peer influence as another significant factor in app installation, parents need to secure kids from inappropriate content with parental control app. In case you are wondering why an app should be the remedy to this problem? Then, allow us to explain.

Apps expose kids to explicit content, harmful & violent videos, sexual images, and most dreaded of all – exposure to online strangers. Preventing kids from unwanted episodes of cyberbullying and attacks can no longer be verbally communicated; these nasty activities need the support of another innovative app to restrict and filter data.

So, before we plunge into our discussion of parental monitoring software let us take a glance on the dicey apps which pose a risk to your innocent kids.

Most Dangerous Apps For Kids

So, here is a list of 5 apps (similar apps exist in the market) to protect your teens and little ones from:

Most dangerous apps for kids and how Bit guardian Parental control app help

  1.    Ask.fm

Ask.fm is a unique and exciting app that gets your adrenaline racing. Ask questions and get mind-blowing answers from friends or strangers. Barring the excitement, the portal has become a playground for cyberbullies, targeting innocent kids. Even after several incidents like suicide attempts triggered by the activities on the app, it has managed to gain popularity in the USA as well.

  1.    Snapchat

Texting has a new name – Snapchat. Send your text in the form of a video and image. Add your desired comments, captions, stickers, emoticons but guess what you cannot stop the recipient from saving it forever. Many teens have misused the app to send nude or semi-nude pictures to friends and ended up in a compromised situation.

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  1.    Kik

Kids only need the surname to connect to another person. The app does not believe in age verification and simply encourages the exchange of cards, photos, texts, etc. to anyone. Kik is popular amongst sexual predators and causes wrong influence on other kids.

  1.    Omegle

Just when you thought friends were enough for texting, apps like Omegle show you a path to indulge with strangers. Kids have the liberty to talk to random people residing in 190 countries across the globe. These conversations are not limited to friendly talks but invite an exchange of images & videos, abusive language, sexting, and references to drugs, violence, alcohol, etc.

  1.   Poof

Learning the fact that kids are using dangerous apps is relieving, what if you never found out what app’s kids spend time on? Which social media platforms do they use? Everything remains hidden from you! Well, Poof has been successful in covering up kids’ track by hiding all the apps used by kids. You may never find out your kids activities.

How Does Bit Guardian Parental Control App Help in Combating Inappropriate Content?

Parental control apps like Bit Guardian offer a viable method to restrict any inappropriate app in your kids’ phone.

  • Parental control app for App Blocker limits the usage of unsuitable apps on kids’ phone. Parents have the right to block apps which pose a threat to kid’s mind.
  • Parental control app for App Install Blocker locks downloading of any new apps from Google Play store.  If there is an urgent requirement for an app, the parent receives a request to remove the restriction.

Smartphones are a staple to our everyday life but do not let the phone control your kids. Secure kids from Inappropriate Content with the best Parental control app in the market. Hurry Now!

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