The Internet has created an affordable and reachable ecosystem for accessing information.

Every answer you are looking is available on the internet. It is also responsible for app content on mobile devices.

One can easily install new apps and operate them with internet service.

Then, why do parents install the best parental control appWhy Need Parental Control Software? Why do kids need protection on the digital platform?

Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. Along with productive information, the internet permits inappropriate apps as well.

How much ever you use filters, your eyes will fall on explicit contents easily.

Inappropriate content exposure becomes a severe problem with kids. Considering kids’ age and maturity, their curiosity lands them on unnecessary apps and makes it an undesirable habit.

Let us now understand what apps are harmful to kids and how you can restrict apps on kid’s phone.

Which Apps should be Restricted from Kids?

Here is a list of apps which may have damaging consequences on your kids:

  1.    Social Media apps – Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  2.    Live streaming apps– Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, etc.
  3.    Pornography apps– Pornhub
  4.    Apps for hiding other apps and data– Poof, HIP, Calculator +, etc.
  5.    Video messaging apps– Snapchat, Line, etc.
  6.    Dating Apps– Tinder, Yubo, OkCupid, etc.
  7.    Online Chatting Apps Connecting Strangers– Omegle, ChatRoulette
  8.    Apps for Drugs and Medicines– Vora
  9.    Messaging Apps– Kik, Messenger, WhatsApp
  10.    Violent Gaming Apps– PUBG, GTA Vice City, Call of duty, etc.

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How to Restrict Apps on Kid’s Phone?

How to Restrict Apps on Kid’s Phone

Now that we know which apps can cause a bad influence on kids, the next step is to curtail the problem by finding ways to eliminate such apps from kid’s smartphone.

Bit Guardian Parental Control App offers innovative ways to help in restricting undesirable apps:

  • Parental Control for App Blocker- To prevent kids from adult apps, Bit Guardian offers an App Blocker that locks down all apps which parents’ find unacceptable for the kid. The process is straightforward, and it takes a single click to enable the setting. If the kid requires a locked app, he/she can request unblocking app from the child device.
  • Parental Control for App Install Block– App Install Block is a smart and innovative option, that cuts the root of all apps. Stop your kids from installing the latest apps by stalling the Google Play store.
  • Parental Control for Time Schedule– Certain apps like messaging and social media apps, although are dangerous at times but a necessity in today’s “networking” world. To strike the right balance, block apps on your kid’s device for a particular period. Set the timer for apps that can distract kids during their study time or bedtime.
  • Parental Control for Kiosk Mode– Kiosk mode is an innovative way to handle app restriction. In this mode, the parent device can initiate a phone launcher that will have very selected apps (educational and must-haves like calling app) for kid’s daily use. Kids will not have the liberty to use any other apps or download new ones.

Best Parental Control Apps Keep Kids Safe on Smartphones

Android devices are prone to online attacks and hacking threats. In such circumstances, kids are a soft target for these perpetrators.

It is a wise decision to enforce parental controls on your kid’s device and protect them on digital devices.

So, stop cursing the app developers for designing adult apps, instead install the Bit Guardian Parental control app and secure your kids.

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