There are several known issues of excessive screen time in younger children. Hence Bit Guardian Parental Control for children from the beginning is the best solution.

Parents need to make use of parental Apps to ensure their children use smartphones sensibly. This is very important since there are many bad side-effects of excessive mobile usage as listed here:

  1. Eye dryness
  2. Nearsightedness
  3. Affect the overall development of a child
  4. Cybercrime
  5. Cyberbullying

Introduce smartphone rules & restrictions to avoid addiction

Children are at risk of exposure to explicit material and over usage of smartphones. Hence, it is essential to monitoring kids mobile activity. Parents can make a set of mobile usage rules for their children to follow and use a good parental control App to enforce it.

Here are a few sensible rules to gain control over kids mobile:

  • Limit Usage:

It is quite common for kids to use their mobile device at any time of the day like during school hours, at a dinner table, in bed, etc. Parents thus need to make strict rules about smartphone usage for children and enforce it using a parental App.

  • Netiquette:

Any content posted online is free for many to view. Kids may not realize that the content they post can be shared by others too. They also fail to analyze the content before posting properly. It often happens that they regret posting content later. This is something that parents should consider as well.

  • Privacy:

Parents need to teach teenagers to maintain a level of privacy while posting content online or sharing material with their friends. Monitoring a child’s smartphone activity can make this happen.

  • Apps to use:

Parents need to restrict their child from exposure to explicit content. The best way to achieve this is to use an App to block Apps and sites.

  • Contacting strangers:

Kids can even contact strangers, which can lead to a potentially dangerous situation. Hence rules should be put in place regarding contacting strangers.

Bit Guardian Parental Control App for Time Schedule

Bit Guardian is the best parental control App with all the features any parent would require.

Here is a list of features:

  • Block Apps:

This feature can prevent children from exposure to explicit material and block Apps and site. Parents have access to list the Apps in child device to block.

  • Schedule phone usage:

Setting screen time limits for kids and also placing a restriction on when to use an App is a good idea. For example, parents have a ready made mode like Game-Time available to them. They can set it such that their child can play games only for 1 hour and that too only before bedtime.

This feature is useful for parents who like to limit time kids spend on each App and also schedule their usage.

  • SOS mode:

Kids have a handy SOS button to use if there is an emergency. This sends a panic alert message to parents. It will also send a message to any other contact as per settings

  • View calls and messages:

With this feature, parents can view the log for calls and messages and block any contact they like as well.

  • Losing a device:

Parents are often helpless if their child loses a smartphone. This parental control App allows parents to pinpoint the location of the lost mobile instantly and even ring it if required.

  • Geofence:

Geofence is perfect for limiting a child’s movement to a close radius. For example, parents can ask their child to travel to school and around. Parents can then configure the central location and radius in the App. If the child crosses the boundary parent will receive an alert message.

For setting screen time limits on child’s smartphone use, Bit Guardian is the best solution.

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