Excessive mobile gaming and socializing is a potential threat to the security of kids. There are many factors that make a kid vulnerable. Hence it is advisable to make use of parental control Apps to take control over the kid’s device.

Cyber crime like identity theft is just one of the many dangers kids face when spending a lot of time online playing games. This article goes on to describe the dangers of children spending long hours gaming and how parental Apps can help prevent it.

The dangers of excessive mobile gaming

Parents are often worried about the safety of their kids using smartphones. They often block the apps and sites to ensure the security of their children. It is best to first understand how mobile gaming is risky.

Some of the common dangers include:

  • Exposure to offensive content online.
  • Becoming a victim of Cyberbullying.
  • Trolled on a social media website.
  • Contacting strangers with bad intentions.
  • Cybercrime like identity theft.
  • Children viewing games with adult and violet content unsupervised.

Bit Guardian Parental Control App – to block social media use

This is one of the best parental App to help keep children safe while using a mobile device. Mobile gaming is getting out of hand, and this App has all features parents need to monitor their children. Parents can schedule mobile usage, block the Apps and sites and even track their location.

Here is a list of features:

  • Block Apps:

Parents can prevent child’s exposure to explicit content by blocking unwanted Apps from a list of Apps installed on kid’s device.

  • Schedule phone usage:

Schedule a child’s mobile use with the help of several ready made modes like Bedtime mode, Game-time mode, etc. With Bedtime mode a child is not allowed to use any Apps at night in bed. Game-time mode is similar where it restricts a child from playing games whenever he pleases.

This feature can limit the time spent on individual Apps and also for several App categories.

  • Panic alert:

SOS button feature is available for children to use in case of an emergency. Parents receive a panic alert on their device along with any other contact if set.

  • View calls and messages:

Parents can block contacts if necessary, after viewing logs for calls and messages.

  • Find lost phone in case of theft:

Adults lose their phone less often than kids. Hence a parental App with the ability to locate a phone in case the child loses it comes in handy. Parents can also use the same feature in case of theft of a child’s smartphone. Additionally, parents can also ring a child device.

  • Geofence:

Parents can now restrict their kids’ movement in a close radius, monitor them using Geofence and receive an alert if they cross the physical boundary set for them.

Geofence is used to create a virtual boundary simply using a central location and radius.

  • Block App install:

To avoid your child installing any more Apps on their device parents need to activate Block App install feature.

  • Tracking a child:

Locating your child has never been easier. Simply use child’s location tracker to pinpoint an exact location. Children also can activate a ‘pick me’ feature. Parents instantly receive a pick-up alert from a child along with the location.

  • Speed Limiter:

Over speeding is an issue with teenagers, but this is the perfect feature to prevent it. As soon as a child goes over the speed set in the App, a parent will receive appropriate notification.

Bit Guardian App monitors children in many ways and also doubles as a screen time tracker.

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