Cell Phone monitoring apps

Cybercrime and Digital dangers lurk around kids at an early age. The reason for being vulnerable to digital threats is due to smartphones and mobile gadgets provided by parents. Phone controlling and monitoring software is the best possible solution to curb cell phone addiction and secure kids from the dangers of cybercrime.

Before you start wondering why parental controls apps are the only practical solution, let us take a look at specific issues kids face online or in the digital world.

Digital Dangers for Kids

Kids face digital dangers almost every minute. Most children are surrounded by media all day and all night. Digital devices are inevitable in a kid’s lifestyle. However, parents need to control the situation with appropriate tools.

In spite of all the warnings, kids spend a good chunk of their day in mobile phones. And here are the major dangers kids face because of smartphone addiction:

  1.   Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety.gif

The virtual world can be very enticing in the beginning, comes with a lot of attractive links and posts. What kids fail to comprehend is that smartphones are exciting cause it shows a false impression of an event or misleading information.

We often hear of FOMO (fear of missing out), a situation where a person keeps track of events through social media to avoid missing out any significant event happening elsewhere. Have you seen kids facing this? Well yes, it is another common cause for anxiety and depression.

  1.   Cyberbullying and Cyberattack

Cyberbullying and Cyberattack

Cybercrime is a well-known phenomenon these days. People are targeted via social media, gaming sites, emails or chatting sites to get confidential information like credit card details.

Cyber bullies target kids on social media or online chatting rooms. These bullies are dangerous creatures, harassing and abusing kids to extort money or personal information while some bullies do it only for sadistic pleasure.

Cybercrime is rampant, and kids need to be more vigilant than before.

  1.    Health hazards

Health hazards

We believe health issues are the most disturbing issue of using digital devices. Long hours of digital exposure can cause postural problems, brain inactivity, the growth of cancerous cells, severe headaches, poor eyesight, etc. Shocking, right?

Even though these health problems are not visible in kids, but the symptoms are prominent indicating issues during adulthood.

  1.    Social awkwardness

Social awkwardness

Being glued to smartphones all day and night creates a parallel universe for kids. Enjoyment and entertainment on social media forums are addictive and compelling, because of which the real world gets entirely neglected.

Social awkwardness is a consequence of the addition of social forums online. When kids try to acclimatize in real life social gatherings, they miserably fail to do so as they get awkward and lose confidence to face real people.

  1.   Poor Academic performance

Poor Academic performance

No doubt smartphones are extremely useful as a practical life hack and a great a source of information yet; there are too many unnecessary features to distract kids from their academic routine.

Gaming, video, entertainment, social media, etc. are the primary source of interference for kids.

Parents are noticing a drastic dip in the concentration level of kids during study hours all thanks to mobile gadgets.

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Best Parental Control app for Android

Phone controlling and monitoring app for android

Although there are endless options in the market yet, we believe Bit Guardian Parental Control App is the most straightforward and accurate parental control app for today’s parents. Why?

Bit Guardian is a parental control app offering useful monitoring methods and parental control features for child safety. This app not only allows you to track and restrict your naughty kids from inappropriate content but provides ways to ensure their physical safety.

Here are some reasons why Bit Guardian has gained popularity in no time:

–     Advanced yet straightforward features covering all the necessary functionalities

–    The app is easy to understand and does not need any help or manuals.

–    Installation of the app is a step-by-step process with comprehensive next steps

–    Uses GPS enabled location finder for emergencies like SOS and phone burglary

–    Geofencing and speed notifications are very accurate and received timely.

–    Blocks all inappropriate apps by giving remote access to parents

–    Screen time control is an efficient controller

–    Anti-theft ringer sends alerts even after being in silent mode

–    Reports are very detailed and provide information regarding panic, speed, geofence, requests, etc.

–    Our app restricts kids from uninstalling the app without parents’ permission

If you are still wondering why your kids require phone controlling and monitoring software, then you haven’t used the Bit Guardian Parental Control app yet. See the results with your own eyes and get ready to be amazed.

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