Use of gadgets in education is on the rise as is a number of kids with their gadgets. Children learn how to navigate a mobile screen at a very young age. Hence it is necessary to set screen time for using the device when teens are involved.

Kids can take advantage of technology for education, and there are many advantages of doing so. However, there is also a need for a good parental control App to avoid kids misusing the device.

This article describes the disadvantages of children using mobile devices and how smartphone turning your kid into a zombie and How Parental control app help.

Disadvantages of children using a mobile device

Some of the advantages of using gadgets include the development of cognitive and motor skills, but there are also several disadvantages as listed here:

Disadvantages of children using a mobile device


  • Excessive mobile usage has a link to attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) disorders in children; hence it is necessary to monitor kids’ mobile device.
  • Many believe it may also lead to learning difficulties since a child can grasp information faster before the age of five.
  • Anxiety is common among such kids as well. They may have a fear of future events which leads to shakiness and elevated heart rates.
  • Several studies associate depression and bad character with excessive mobile usage making it necessary for parents to set screen time for using a device.

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Bit Guardian – Monitor kid’s mobile device

Bit Guardian allows parents to block website and App on child device. It has a long list of features besides this.

Here is a list of features:

  • Schedule phone usage:

This feature is used to set screen time for using device since it can control time a child’s spends on individual Apps and also restrict usage by the category of App like games apps, etc. Parents can also schedule the smartphone usage of their children.

There are several pre-set modes for parents to use like the bedtime mode and game-time modes. If bedtime mode is activated, a child cannot use any Apps at night before bed. Similarly, when a game-time mode is made active, kids cannot play games as and when they please. Mobile gaming for them is restricted only to when allowed by parents.

  • Block Apps:

At times it becomes essential to block website and App on the child’s device. This feature allows parents to list all Apps installed on the child’s device and individually pick which one to block. Once blocked, the App does not allow a child to open it.

  • Monitor kids’ mobile device for calls and messages:

Log all calls & messages with the help of this App. Thus, parents have a detailed report of any calls made & received and same for messages. This helps parents make an informed decision on whether or not to block a contact.

  • SOS mode:

SOS mode activates a panic alert on a parent’s device. Children have an option of an SOS button which they can use in case of an emergency. Once it is active, parents will instantly receive a panic alert message. Besides parent’s receiving a message, a parental app allows setting other contacts to receive the same message.

  • Losing a device:

Losing a device can be bad for both child and parent. Bit Guardian has a special feature since there is a greater chance of a kid losing a device. Parents can make use of GPS and enable a location tracker to track a device that has gone missing. This same feature is also useful if someone steals the device.

Parents can also ring a device remotely if need be.

  • Geofence:

Geofence is a virtual map that is generated based on physical boundary restrictions on a child. Parents receive an alert based on this virtual map and if a child crosses a boundary.

It is also easy to set up; It is configured by a central location and radius.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to block inappropriate content?

Parentscan make use of the parental control App to block any unwanted content on the Internet. Parents can prevent any App that has bad content.


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