Cyber Bullying: Steps to Protect your Kids

In this digital age, parents need to keep child safe digitally.  All children’s Internet usage should be under scrutiny since they are vulnerable to several threats including cyberbullying and parentas need to guide What Is Social Media Etiquette for kids.

Kids leave themselves exposed to cyberbullying, cybercrimes and more due to excessive use of a mobile device.

Thus, it is necessary to limit your child’s internet use for their safety. There is also a danger of identity theft, viewing adult material, violent games, etc., that only a trustworthy parental control App can solve.

This article goes on to provide some tips to protect kids from cyberbullying and how installing a parental App can bring peace of mind to parents.

Tips to keep kids safe from cyber bullying


A trustworthy parental control App has the perfect list of features to ensure the safety of a child; it can also block App for a specific period of time to limit exposure to explicit content.

Here is why this is effective:

  • Restrict screen time:

Children’s internet usage and smartphone usage can be scheduled. Parents schedule mobile usage, enforce bedtime, restrict game-time. This ensures children do not use mobile in bed or play games at all times of the day.

  • Limit your child’s internet use:

It is necessary to reduce the amount of time a child spends online using their smartphone.

  • Monitor calls and SMS:

By keeping tabs on calls and messages, parents can spot early signs of cyberbullying and stop it in its track.

  • Block app for a specific period of time:

This is a very effective method of controlling what a child does and keep them away from harm’s way. A child is then not able to use any App as long as a parent has this setting active.

Bit Guardian Parental control app

Add kids and manage.png

Bit Guardian helps parents to be involved in common children issues and gives them more control over a child’s device. It makes it easier for them to set limits on mobile usage of a child.

Here is a list of features:

  • Schedule phone usage:

This feature helps restrict all mobile device usage of a child and prevent them using a device all day long, and anyhow they please. Schedule mobile usage and use several pre-set modes to limit smartphone usage. The two most popular pre-set modes are bedtime mode and game-time mode.

Bedtime mode, if set, will not allow a child to use an App on a mobile phone. Game-time mode, on the other hand, will also not allow a child to play any games except when authorized by a parent.

  • Block Apps:

Just block any App on a child’s device to stop them from using it. Parents have the ability to view the entire list of Apps installed on a child’s device

  • View all calls and messages:

Prevent a child from calling and messaging anyone they please. This is a good safety measure since parents can view logs and decide if they need to block any contact.

  • SOS mode:

SOS button is handy for children in distress. Parents will instantly receive an alert when a kid presses the SOS button in an emergency. Additionally, other contacts will also receive this message as per settings.

  • Theft of device:

GPS comes in handy in case of theft of a child’s device. Parents can quickly locate their child’s device using the location tracker and even ring if necessary.

  • Geofence:

GPS is also useful to ensure your child does not cross the physical boundary restrictions. Geofence creates a virtual boundary for this purpose with the help of central location parameters and radius. In the case where a child does cross the boundary, parents will instantly receive an alert message.

  • Block App Install

Deny a child the permission to install any new application on their device by activating this feature.

Bit Guardian is one of the most trustworthy parental control App

around to ensure the safety of all children using smartphones no matter

what their age might be.

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