There are many advantages of using technology and several methods to make the task of parenting easier. Technology has lead to multiple advancements but at the same time has also exposed the kids to cyber crime and other digital threats,Mobile Game Addiction.

A parental control app offers some of the best parenting options to ensure kids security. Technology introduces a new set of issues for parents; thus it is essential to protect children when they go online. Here are some statistics to understand this better:

  • Over 200 million people worldwide suffer from Internet addiction.
  • More than 90% of the teenagers have access to a smartphone.
  • Teenagers in a relationship online are likely to keep it hidden.
  • There is an increasing threat to teens from cybercrimes, cyberbullying, etc.


Parenting & Technology       

Technology helps solve many problems for working parents but at the same time brings a new set of issues like kid’s internet addiction. Parents need to monitor a kid’s mobile activity and protect them when they go online.

parenting & technology       

Here is how technology & parenting go hand in hand:

  • Kids tend to overuse devices in the absence of parent:

Children can use a mobile device at any time and be involved in any activity. For example, they may be watching a YouTube video instead of the educational App you had installed. Parenting control Apps come to the rescue to block unwanted Apps.

  • New technology also brings cyber-crime & cyberbullying:

Cybercrimes like identity theft are becoming a real issue that parents have to deal with. There is also an increasing number of cyberbullies. Parents need to protect children when they go online on their smartphones and also monitor a kid’s mobile activity.

  • Parents unable to restrict the use of technology:

Parents can take control of the device to solve kid’s internet addiction. This is done by restricting the screen time and scheduling mobile use. Kids can then use Apps only at the allotted time as per parent’s settings.

  • Be fully aware of a child’s activities:

A parenting control App allows the parents to be fully aware of their child’s online activity. Thus, it can be used to protect children when they go online.

  • Knowledgebase:

Parents can take advantage of the vast knowledge base online for parenting tips.

Bit Guardian Parental App – Protects children when online

This is a feature rich App to monitor a kid’s mobile activity and makes modern-day parenting easier.

Here is a list of features:

  • Schedule phone usage:

Limiting the mobile phone usage of children is essential to solving kid’s internet addiction. Bit Guardian allows parents to limit the use and schedule usage; Parents can select from one of the pre-set modes or make their own.

Bedtime and Game-time are two popular modes. Bedtime mode ensures the child will not be able to use any Apps during bedtime. Similarly, the game-time ensures the child cannot play games at any time of the day, instead only when scheduled by the parent.

  • Block Apps:

Parents who need to block Apps on child’s device to prevent exposure to explicit content can use this feature. They can select any App from a list of Apps and block them.

  • Track all calls and messages:

Viewing message & call log of child device allows parents to track a kid’s mobile activity. They can also block any contact they please.

  • SOS mode:

Children have an option of using the SOS Mode in case of an emergency and send an alert message to the parent. Other contacts can also receive an alert message as per settings.

  • Theft of device:

In case of theft of a device, a parent can use the GPS feature of parenting control App to track a location of a device. The same functionality is useful if the device is gone missing.

  • Geofence:

Geofence is useful if a parent wishes to enforce a physical boundary for the child. Geofence uses GPS to track the child’s whereabouts. Parents can configure Geofence using the central location and radius to create a virtual boundary. If the child crosses the boundary, parents will receive an alert.

  • Block App Install

A smartphone gives a child a lot of freedom and a chance to install any App they please. Activating this feature ensures the child is not able to install any more Apps.

This is one of the best parenting control App around solve your kid’s internet addiction.

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