Cybercrime is at an all-time high with increased dependency on technology and digital gadgets.

It affects everyone starting from a toddler. Thus, it is necessary to secure a kid with safe parental control app and learn How to use parental Control app for secure your kids.

Bit Guardian Parental Control is one of the best and safest parental control App around.

A Child is not safe with a smartphone

Teenagers spend a great deal of time on a smartphone which is not good for many reasons including security and health.

There are many risks here are a few listed:

  • Strain eyes
  • Cyberbullying
  • Identity theft
  • Getting trolled on social media or other websites
  • Adult content
  • Contacted by people having bad intentions.
  • Being overexposed due to photos or content placed online.
  • Being unaware who is checking posts online, for example, Police, University, etc.

How is a kid safe with a parental App?

Several parents can relate to being worried about the safety of their child. This extends to digital threats as well. Purpose of safe parental App is to keep a child safe while they are using their mobile device.

This is how to keep kids safe with parental control:

  • A safe parental App helps restrict content and help save a child from explicit material.
  • Allows to restrict screen time hence prevents kids from spending long hours on a smartphone.
  • Restricted messaging and calling feature to ensure kids security.
  • Removes any ability of a child to install a new application on a smartphone. Besides which it is also possible to track the location of the child using GPS.
  • Safety from cyber-crimes:

It can control access, restrict content from unknown sources and protect children from the threat of cyber-crime.

Bit Guardian Parental App the safest parental control app

This apps guarantees complete security of the kid and helps a parent secure the kid using a safe parental control app.

Bit Guardian Parental App the safest parental control app

Here are the features:

  • Block Apps:

Ability to block Apps on your child’s device helps keep safe from any unwanted apps and objectionable content.

It is possible to access a list of apps for your child and select the ones to disable. This blocks a child from using those Apps

  • Location Tracker:

The location tracker feature helps parent track their kids location using GPS mechanism.

  • View call and message logs:

Monitor all calls and messages of a child device by viewing respective logs. Parents also can block any unwanted contact from a child’s device.

  • Schedule usage:

Restrict time spent by a child on individual Apps to gain more control over their device. It also allows blocking Apps of a specific category. There is also an option of activating a pre-set mode.

One such mode is Bedtime mode. A phone is not usable when Bedtime mode is activated. Similarly, when a game-time mode is enabled, the kids can only play mobile games as per settings by parents.

  • Geofence:

GPS tracker comes in handy to establish a Geofence. This allows a parent to create a virtual boundary using a central location and radius. Parents will receive an alert if a child oversteps the boundary.

The way this works is by selecting GPS option in Setting section and configuring ‘Center Location’ and Radius under Geofence.

  • Block App installation:

This helps prevent a child from installing any new Apps to their mobile device. With safe parental App like this, kids cannot access restricted content.

  • Kiosk mode:

Kiosk mode allows taking complete control of a smartphone. Parents remotely control a child device and even block Apps. It is highly popular with younger kids.

  • Panic mode:

When a kid activates SOS, it will send a panic alert on a Parent’s device. It can also send a message to other contacts as per parent’s setting.

  • Speed Limiter:

Get speeding alerts with this feature. Once set from a Parent’s Dashboard, it is possible to monitor the child’s speed and receive an alert signal if they are speeding.

  • Anti-theft:

If a device is lost or stolen, it can be located using a GPS tracker. It is also possible to ring a child device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I send SOS in an emergency?

Yes, a child can send an alert message to parents and other contacts set in an App in case of an emergency.

  • How to find a child’s lost mobile?

A lost or stolen mobile can be found using GPS in a phone. Location tracker quickly tracks the device location using this system.

  • Can I block a child’s contact list?

Yes, one can block unwanted contacts in Contact App using a parental control app.

  • How to use Geofence?

The parent sets app with central location and radius and will receive alerts if a child goes beyond the physical boundary as per the settings.

The best and safest parental App

Bit Guardian parental App provides an advanced level of protection by monitoring smartphone usage of a child.

It is highly reliable due to the feature it offers to keep tabs on a child’s activity and location. This helps parents achieve peace of mind since the child is safe and secure.  

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